Adam Rafowitz: Strandberg Uppsala Contest Entry

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Hi, I'm Adam! I've been playing guitar for most of my life, and am currently a senior at Berklee. I'm currently two bands, and play everything ranging from funk-metal (Sound Struggle) to jazz and jazz fusion. My dad and I also just finished producing/recording an album, I'd love to write on that Strandberg Guitarworks! Here's a clip from one of my solo recordings. Good luck to all! #winstrandbergguitar #strandberg #uppsala #uigf

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Adam Rafowitz - Strandberg Uppsala Contest Entry

Check out the latest version of Bloom now on Adam Rafowitz's channel. This one render from the full file. Watch in 1080p for best results. (The original here nearing 6000 views as I type

Adam Rafowitz - Bloom - Guitar Playthrough - Strandberg Boden OS7