Gauravjeet Gill: #Solocontest2016 Altonus lead guitarist gives it some stick!

Here's my take on this amazing backing track. Hope you guys like it!

#mayones #mesaboogie #line6 #bareknuckle #toontrack #gruvgear

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#Solocontest2016 - Gauravjeet Gill

1. A Way Out 01:45
2. Depths of Peril 04:15
3. Dissolved Realities 04:59
4. Superficial Prayers 03:30
5. Belief 06:33

Altonus is:
Daniele Soffiani : Vocals
Gauravjeet Gill : Lead Guitars
Ritvik Sharma : Rhythm Guitars

Music that brings many genres together. Blistering guitar solos, powerful clean vocals, tasty riffs and spacey ambience comes together in our music.
released December 1, 2015

Mixed and Mastered by Jonathan Schnitzspan