Hedras Ramos: GIG - Guitar Institute of Guatemala 2016 (Spanish)

GIG - Guitar Institute of Guatemala in this 2016 I am very happy to create together with SUPER COLA "GIG" (Guitar Institute of Guatemala), the first academy in Guatemala with a total focus on electric guitar and contemporary music. this is possible thanks to the support of SUPER COLA believe in the development of art and culture in Guatemala. We want to open our doors to all those who have always dreamed of playing the guitar and all (as) (new) guitarists looking to reach new areas in technology, Harmony and Improvisation. GIG was founded on a strong social character and with the support of SUPER COLA and Economic Culture Fund will be starting our targeted at beginners, intermediate and advanced courses at very affordable costs . Program Duration: 6 Months Location: Fondo de Cultura 6 Av 8-65 Zona 9, Guatemala City Registration: Q100 Monthly: Q250 Day: Saturday available Times: Between 10 am and 4 pm (except 1-2 PM) We invite you to see our video for all information and details. you can download the registration form at any of the Tiny links below and send it to Material available at:http://monsterguitarist.com/artists/h ... For more info Please IS SUPPORTED and Management: Mr. Ramos Hedras hedras1@yahoo.comGuatemala: + (502) 5511-8278 Los Angeles: + (213) 283-7319

HEDRAS RAMOS - GIG - Guitar Institute of Guatemala