Brad Kypo: 3WM Panoptican - Three Wise Monkeys

New 3WM Track :: PANOPTICON. Featuring some drop D riffage, two handed bass tapping in a weird time signature and some mighty drum pounding. Comments welcome:)

PANOPTICON was written and conceived by our drummer Brendon Waterman. Final arrangement by the 3WM.

A Panopticon is a type of prison designed to allow a single watchman to observe all inmates. At times, the studio can feel a little like this with all the Go Pro cameras!

Brendon brought us the idea for this song, in the form of the intro tapping line and the initial Verse and Chorus vamp.

We jammed this idea for 3 weeks, and came up with an arrangement which included a new finale' idea.

Panopticon will be released later this year on the forthcoming 3WM album :: PROGETTO ARTE. The album will feature new 3WM compositions from 2015, written and recorded in the studio. We have already release 3 other tracks , which you will find video's for on our Facebook page. Pre-sales of the album will commence shortly.

Panopticon was recorded in studio A of UWS on the 3rd of June 2015, @ 192kHz, via a Digidesign Protools console.

Kypo played a EVH Wolfgang guitar into an Ernie Ball volume pedal, direct into a Mesa Roadking II, channel 4, with 6 power tubes selected and the silicon rectifier, into a 2x12 Mesa Cab, miked with a Rode Classic II tube condenser. Some delay was added in Post-production for the solo sections. Additional room emulation was added via UAD Ocean Way plug in, in Post production.

Alex's Bass was recorded via a DI, and an Ampeg amp sim in Amplitude was used to add some balls in Post Production. In the studio he played thru Brendon's Mark Bass amp.

Brendons using the USW studio A house kitt, a Pearl Vision and he has complimented it the cymbals with his own. Theres a trash, china and yeah, the one with a big chunk out of it.

We used a variety of RODE and Shure Mic's on the kitt. 6 lines all up. Kick, snare, 2 toms, & 2 overheads.

An additional condenser mic was set up in between the 3 musicians to capture a room sound.

Track was mixed and mastered in Logic Pro, with UAD plugins.

The video footage was taken with a variety of Go Pro's and Kaiser Bass x80's running in 1080p, and a Sony action cam filming in 4K. Additional footage was taken with an iPhone 6 using the slow motion feature.

Clip edited in Final Cut Pro.

The Three Wise Monkeys (3WM) are an independent band from Sydney Australia, writing and recording original instrumental compositions. Your support and interaction is essential to our musical growth, so you are welcome to say hi and give comment/criticism where you think we can improve.

Our Back Catalogue is available on all popular formats, itunes, Spotify, Bandcamp etc etc. We have been on a hiatus for the past 12 months as we have been fortunate to have access to a magnificent studio. Hence we have been developing videos to let you into the creative process as we have been jamming. Normally we get one out every week or two. Originally a live band, we do intend to play live in the near future, and look forward to meeting many of our fans in person, when we hit the road. Until then. Enjoy the tunes!
Comments are welcome. Cheers
3WM are:
KYPO:: Guitar
Alex King :: Bass
Brendon Waterman :: Drums

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