Wayde Cooper: Schecter KM-7 Review and Performance Playthrough

Schecter KM-7

Signal chain:

Schecter KM-7 -- Carvin Belair 2x12 -- Palmer PDI-03 -- Focusrite Saffire Pro 14 -- Cakewalk Sonar Platinum.

Guitars recorded live using my Canon T5i, audio patched into Cakewalk. Then the Canon T5i video and Cakewalk audio were synced in Adobe Premiere Pro.

See Schecter for more info on the KM-7!

Visit Keith Merrow's website at http://www.keithmerrow.com/

Song played is Voiceless from my album Voiceless. Hear it on Spotify

Thank you for tuning in, more videos are being made and will be uploaded soon.

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One mistake I made... I said "Hipshot tuners" and I should have said Hipshot Bridge". It was a late night...

Schecter KM-7 Review and Demo!