Alex Hutchings: Bonus Tasty Dominant Licks

Bonus Tasty Dominant Licks

Alex seemingly never runs out of new ideas! So afer a lot of requests we've decided to let you have all of the extra licks from his '20 Tasty Dominant Licks and Phrases' package. For less than half the price of a normal guitar lesson, this awesome deluxe add-on package contains: 5 extra licks, 5 lick video performances, 5 deluxe video breakdown lessons with Alex, 5 licks backings, 5 full jamtracks, audio, complete TAB/notation in both standard and fourths tunings as well as bonus text notes!

The Dominant chord is an absolutely essential tool in musicians toolkit. It's all over western music everywhere you look; from Pop tunes, to Rock tracks, to the ii-V's of Jazz and all the way to the I-IV-V's of Blues (often all dominant chords). Fusion players LOVE them for their ability to allow them to sneak in those extended and outside licks to create great melodic tension and release. It's a fundamental part of all music and it's one that will serve you VERY well if you take the time to get it under your belt.

Alex designed these tasty dominant licks over 5 different styles/groups (A7b5, Latin, Rock, West Coast and ii-V) in order to give you a vast array of contexts to use the licks. Of course we have included the jamtracks for each style so you have plenty of scope for jamming them out! They are all focussed around A to allow for many different variations of the A7 chord. Alex specifically uses A7, Asus, A altered and A13b9/Bb diminished. As always these licks contain all of the rich, creative thinking and sublime playing style that makes Alex the world-class guitarist he is today.

Using all of the backings, videos, TABs and lessons from Alex you can learn to master each of the licks in this package and be well on your way to dominating the dominant chord just like the fusion master himself!