Alexi Laiho: Rig Rundown - Children of Bodom

Article and photos:

Alexi Laiho, frontman and guitarist for melodic death metal band Children of Bodom, took us through his sparse, but powerful, setup before the band’s Nashville show at the Exit/In. A combination of ESP guitars, Marshall amps, and a few Boss pedals help create Laiho’s lightning-fast leads and bone-rattling rhythms.

Laiho tours with a trio of his signature ESP Custom Shop models. “Greeny” and “Scythe,” are both tuned a whole step down from standard and house a single EMG HZ F-H2 passive humbucker and an EMG MM-04 gain boost. The boost is almost always on and is controlled with a simple switch near the volume knob.

“Pinky” is the third ESP that Laiho takes on the road and is tuned to B–F#–B–E–G#–C#. All the guitars are strung with Laiho’s signature set from DR Strings (.010–.056).

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Rig Rundown - Children of Bodom