Brian Auer: The Auer Method: a Modern method for Targeting Chords and Pentatonic Mastery

This book will guide you to understand what happens when chords change, why you choose certain notes over certain chords, how modes are affected by chord changes, how chords are related to modes, and how to solo through chord changes on any part of the neck. It will set you up to have a firm grasp of targeting notes over the 1-4-5 Minor 12-Bar Blues which will set you up with the logic and concept to apply to all modes and all chord progressions. The rest will rely on your desire to learn a broader vocabulary of chords and scales, which are the words for creating musical statements. Learning musical and rhythmic phrases will put these words into sentences. My purpose is to help people understand some of the most commonly asked questions I get as a player and a teacher, such as: *How do I play over chords and sound melodic? *How do I target notes without chasing chords around the neck using the same old shape? *How do I know which mode to play over each chord? *How can I sound more musical when I play? These questions can be answered on a very complex level. Fortunately, I discovered a way of using the pentatonic modes to answer them all. And you can get those answers right here in this book. This book will also be valuable to guitar teachers as a curriculum guide and a method of practice.