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Hey guys, Dan Sugarman here... You may know me from my past work with As Blood Runs Black as their lead guitarist/lyricist, or as the writer and producer behind my own debut instrumental effort "Centersun". But what you may have not known is that I'm a constantly leaking source of music in too many styles to keep track of... Seriously, it's a problem. I've always dreamed of finding the right outlet to share the music that I've come up with - and finally with Patreon, I can do that.

I am combining this platform with my years of experience and touring the world - meeting some of the most amazing musicians around...

My objective and mission is to collaborate with some of the most talented artists that I know of to create some of most impactful and unique music we can create.

My Patreon Subscribers will get 1 song featuring a different collaboration on each track, as well as a Playthrough video of that song, a "making of" mini doc, at least one live streaming in studio session//lesson//Q&A, Tabs & Notation, File Stems for jam tracks and remixes, and Chances to Collaborate with Me, and more...

I am pledging 10% of proceeds from each month towards a Charity chosen by my Patreon Family and I. Being able to physically affect the people and world around me through music is something I've always dreamt of doing - and with your support, I really think we can make that happen...

Head over to https://www.patreon.com/dansugarman for more information on how you can get involved and be included in the creating of my Living Album with artists such as:
- Alex Lopez (Drummer of Suicide Silence)
- Gil Sharone (Drummer of Marilyn Manson/Team Sleep/Puscifer/Stolen Babies/ex-The Dillinger Escape Plan/+44)
- Danny Leal (Vocalist of Upon A Burning Body)
- Angel Vivaldi (Virtuoso Guitarist)
- Anna Sentina (Incredible Bassist)
- Ricky Armellino (Vocalist of This or The Apocalypse)
- James Norbert Ivanyi (Australian Guitar Master)
- Alex Hofmann (Vocalist of Fallujah)
- Sims Cashion (Guitar Prodigy)

I want to dedicate this whole project to all musicians and people out there that need to kick it at home and be with their loved ones, and still find a way to take the time and make the effort to do what they love… You guys are my heroes.

Thanks again to everyone that has supported me and continues to do so. I hope to push myself as far as I can as a guitarist, and to continue upping my game as a songwriter, producer, session musician, guitar teacher, and human.

You guys all rule and I love you more then you even know. Much sweetness is to come in the future - keep your facial orifices at the ready...

Website: https://www.dansugarman.com

Get my album at Centersun at: https://www.dansugarman.bandcamp.com

Contact me at: dansugarmanmusic@gmail.com