Kris Norris: Icons of the Illogical - Kris Norris Projekt - album announced for release by Magna Carta Records

Magna Carta Records

★ Kris Norris Projekt ★ Icons of the Illogical ★

Kris Norris (former lead guitarist with Darkest Hour).
Randy Blythe - (Lamb Of God vocalist) vocals on "Ghostly Shell Removal" & "Remaining Foolish"
Dave Gibson - Drums
Dave Fugman - Bass
Cory Smoot of GWAR recorded, co-produced and mixed the record at his studio Karma Productions in Virginia

Did we really land on the moon? Was there a second shooter? Did Hangar 18 house alien bodies? For guitarist Kris Norris (Darkest Hour, Locust Factor), a self-professed “conspiracy buff”, the truth is out there.

Icons of the Illogical, Norris’ first full-fledged solo record, is a collection largely composed of scorching and subversive progressive metal instrumentals inspired by the lure of alternative history and our willingness to believe in it.

“I don’t necessarily think these conspiracy theories explain the whole truth,” says Norris. “I think I’m more fascinated by the people who believe in these theories. It’s all a matter of interpretation and perspective. How and why do they think like that?”

Norris attempts to answer these questions throughout his 14-track record. Despite a lack of vocal accompaniment, Icons tells many tales with its tightly composed compositions and numerous soaring melodic lead lines. The music shifts in feel from aggressive to downright eerie, sometimes within the same song or guitar solo.

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1. The Law of Falling Bodies
2. Everything Expires
3. The Hegelian Principle
4. Lament, Requiem, Threnody
5. Ghostly Shell Removal
6. Wound of Amfortas
7. The Condition of Being Bored
8. A Shift In Normalcy
9. The Bowman's Friendship
10. Regression of the Ictus
11. Palindrome
12. Remaining Foolish
13. The Brotherhood of Melancholy
14. Servants of Sadness