News: Why Stop at 11? SXSW Turns it Up at the PRS Shred Shed

Why Stop at 11? SXSW Turns it Up at the PRS Shred Shed

(STEVENSVILLE, MD) March 7, 2016 – For the third consecutive year, PRS Guitars is the official sponsor of the SXSW “Shred Shed” at the 2016 SXSW Music Gear Expo. PRS will have the latest guitars, basses and amplifiers available and invites SXSW visitors to grab a guitar or bass and crank up the volume. Located in the Austin Convention Center Exhibit Hall 5, booth #401, the PRS Shred Shed is also a great place to chat with PRS staff and PRS SXSW showcasing artists while seeing and playing the latest PRS gear.

PRS will be bringing their popular S2 guitars, including the offset S2 Vela, S2 Custom 22 Semi Hollow, S2 Singlecut Standard and S2 Standard 24. The new CE24 bolt-on guitar will also make its SXSW debut. Guitarists are invited to jam out on the SE Custom 24, SE Standard 24 and the new SE277 baritone guitars and bass enthusiasts will be able to play the SE Kestrel and SE Kingfisher 4-string basses. The Shed will also be outfitted with PRS SE Angelus acoustic guitars including the A20E, A30E and Lifeson models for folks who like to walk on the unplugged side. The Shred Shed will also be home to PRS amps, including the PRS Archon and HXDA models, for the duration of the Gear Expo.

In addition to the SXSW Shred Shed, a dozen PRS guitars, including the newly released CE 24 and the edgy, begging-to-be-picked-up S2 Vela will be available for SXSW Music Expo attendees at Deli Magazine’s Stompbox exhibit where players can check out the latest pedal effects.

Outside of the Expo, there are planty of opportunities to see PRS on stages throughout SXSW, including performances by Thomas Onebane & Gary Larsen of Royal Teeth, Paul-Devon Lewow of Brother Grey, Jordan Smith of Diarrhea Planet, Sam Harris of X Ambassadors and Jana Hunter & Walker Teret of Lower Dens.

The PRS Shred Shed will be open from 11am to 6pm, Thursday, March 17 through Saturday, March 19 in the Austin Convention Center, Exhibit Hall 5, Booth #401. For more information please visit: