Tom Geldschläger: Fountainhead interviewed over split with Obscurer by

“I´ve known former Obscura-members Hannes Grossmann and Chris Muenzner for a long time and we've been working together often over the last couple of years, so I´ve been “in the loop“ about the issues within the band long before I joined. When the offer came to take Chris´ place in Obscura, we all kind of knew what would happen if the issues that had led to Chris´ and Hannes´ departure weren't resolved in the new line-up. None of us expected them to get so much worse, and so quickly.

"However, it was too good an offer to pass on, even though I was aware that it would be quite a difficult position to be in. Fortunately for Steffen, both Chris and Hannes are pure professionals and would never badmouth or attack a former colleague in public like he´s doing now, regardless of what happened in the past.”

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