Al Joseph: Modal Masterclass! from

Master The Modes With Al Joseph!
Al Joseph returns with a Modal Masterclass that will finally lift the veil on the modes, giving you a better understanding of what they are, and how to use them to create your own modal ideas!

Al says ‘Modes are my favourite, I love them, but I can see how they can be confusing. I’m going to crack the code on this one for you guys and definitely give you a better understanding of how I visualise the modes, why I use them over certain chords, and all that good stuff!’ - Al is a such a brilliant teacher so you know you’re in safe hands with this one!

Investing in this masterclass will not only give you an understanding of how modes function, but will also show you how to visualise the concepts to combine the modes with functional harmony. Finally it will bridge the gap from concept to application by showing you how to utilise the modal concepts in real world musical situations and in your own solos!