Daisuke Kunita: Natural Flow and Fred - The Trio live at the Silver Elephant 2015 - top notch JFusion

"Natural Flow" composed by Daisuke Kunita

Live@Kichijoji Silver Elephant 2015/2/8

Daisuke Kunita(國田大輔)-Guitar
Jiro Okada(岡田治郎)-Bass
Satoshi Bandoh(坂東慧)- Drums

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【Abstract logix】

Born in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Berklee graduate Daisuke Kunita is
one of the very promising guitar players from Japan.
He studied extensively with Wayne Krantz, Mick Goodrick among others.
He won the special Jury award in Gibson Jazz Guitar Contest in 2005 and
made some noise with the release of his album, Fuzzy Logic.

On this record, Daisuke collaborates with Hiromi, Alex Machacek, Steve Hunt
among others to deliver one of the best sounding Jazz-Rock Record of 2014.
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Daisuke Kunita Trio- Natural Flow

"Fred" composed by Allan Holdsworth

Daisuke Kunita(國田大輔) -Guitar
Satoshi Otani(大谷訓史) -Bass
Yu Murakami(村上友) -Drums

Daisuke Kunita Trio- Fred (Allan Holdsworth cover)