Gianluca Ferro: "A Hole In The Ocean" fundraiser for Gianluca's new solo album!

Become part of "A Hole In The Ocean", my new solo album!

I'm working on my third solo album, A Hole In The Ocean and I'm inviting you to be a part of the journey. The purpose of this campaign is to help me finish the album and properly market and promote it. This is an ambitious project featuring many extraordinary musicians among which Nick Pierce, Marco Maggiore, Edo Sala, Michael Manring, Alex Argento, Roberto Gualdi, Rob Iaculli, Isao Fujita and Taku Yabuki. I need you help to finish it, print it, distribute it and repay the priceless contribution that those great friends and fantastic musicians already gave to my project. I have some tasty rewards for you!

I'm raising funds in order to finish my third solo album.
I'm Gianluca Ferro, guitarist and composer from Milan with a strong passion for everything is fresh and different.

My project goes against the commercial music logics; it's a complex challenge, requiring big efforts from the musicians involved. They put all their skills and creativity to let this music become something special and unconventional!

Worthless to say that a work like this takes countless hours spent practicing, mixing, rehearsing and looking for different musical textures.

Almost every musician involved in this adventure, has taken part in it only for the sake of the music, they just played amazingly and didn't want anything in change.

Despite this, many of them had to record in different studios and the costs for their sessions have been significant.

Moreover, once we'll be finished recording and mixing, I'll have to pay for the printing and promotion, that's because I don't want to rely on "independent" label which exploit our dreams, efforts and passions.
I can support this project only thanks to you: it's very easy and you'll have big rewards in change!
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Gianluca Ferro NEW SOLO ALBUM Musicraiser 2016