Michael Angelo Batio: Soul In Sight CD pre order

Hello from MAB,

I'm writing you from the hotel in Milan, Italy. I have a rare night off from the current MAB and Black Hornets "Soul In Sight" 2016 Europe Tour. The band is fantastic. We are performing 5 songs from the new CD as well as playing songs from my discography such as "Freight Train" and "Long Way From Home." The singer Gianna is incredible both in the studio and in concert!

The brand new "Soul In Sight" CD will be released and shipping from us on May 1st.

"Soul In Sight" is the debut album featuring Michael Angelo Batio and the band "Black Hornets." Black Hornets features the incredible vocals of Gianna Chillà as well as virtuoso Bassist and Drummer, Don Roxx and Roberto Pirami.

"Soul In Sight" has great vocal songs played with incredible intensity and sung with soul, passion and emotion. Every song is memorable and well crafted. The performances are 1st rate. The production is modern, crisp, clear and powerful.

The song list, in order is:

1. Soul In Sight 
2. Gotta Run 
3. Spinning Room 
4. You Broke My heart In Two 
5. Basics Of The Bullet 
6. Call to Arms 
7. I Just can't believe 
8. Only The Love Remains

If you order before the release date I will personally autograph your copy. Every song on this album is great and the performances, production are fantastic. 

Order http://angelo.com/products/soul-in-sight

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