Sergio Altamura: Lovely Head (Goldfrapp) - Candyrat Records

Sergio Altamura original arrangement of Lovely Head by Goldfrapp.

The single is available on Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and most other online music stores and subscription services.

“I recorded this 'LOVELY HEAD' video live using Live Ableton as looper (controlled by the Berhinger midi controller), there are different settings for every track. Many thanks to Marco Capaldo for all his work.
"The Martin D28, the Moog Taurus, the Korg Ms 20 and the Micro Korg goes to a mixer before the DAW, the Micro Korg is synchronized with the Taurus : Sergio Altamura completed all the programming for those machines."

"The lap steel goes to a splitter that send the signal to an handmade distortion, by Stefano Bittelli who built also the splitter, and an Adrenalinn, both the signal goes to a Fender Band Master from the 70 's. I used an EBow to play the lap steel guitar."

"An old tape recorder (walkman) to reproduce the voice of Federica Gasperoni : many thanks to Federica for her beautiful voice."

"The sample of the reversed CD between the strings of the acoustic guitar is shot by a switch."

"Many thanks to Giuseppe Deckard Massara for the mix."

"It's not an advertising of the gear I'm not endorsing any brand, It's just to explain what you can do alone today with this new and old technology. Two months of work every day. “
Attached is a picture of the set.

Short Artist Bio

Sergio Altamura was born in Molfetta, a town in the province of Bari, Italy. He graduated from the University of Bologna’s Department of Music, with a thesis on music semiology. In 1985 he began his career in concerts with various rock groups. Since l993, he has dedicated his time to the study of acoustic guitar.
As well as his work as a musician, Altamura dedicates much of his time to the composition of music for theater, films, and documentaries. He has taught since l994 in various cultural centers, and holds yearly seminars on contemporary acoustic guitar techniques.
Altamura has a number of discographic projects: some as soloist, some in a duet, others as part of a quartet, and also as an arranger.


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