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The Elba Triangle is a new special project featuring the three stunning rock fusion guitar players; Marco Sfogli, Tom Quayle and Alessandro Benvenuti. The album features new takes on classic fusion tunes, sprinkling awesome guitar sauce and scintillating keyboards in contemporary way over these time-honored tracks.

The album also features world renowned musicians:
Guitars - Marco Sfogli, Tom Quayle and Alessandro Benvenuti
Drummers - Virgil Donati and Walle Wahlgren
Bass - Anton Davidyants and Junior Braguinha.
Keyboards: Alex Argento

Alex Argento is also the music director, adding his musical virtuosity to the sonic tapestries with his of masterful sound production. Alex is also responsible for the mixing and the mastering of this first "The Elba Triangle - Chapter One" set for release in 2016.
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Copyright: Face First (1993) - Gary Willis
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The Elba Triangle - Face First (album teaser)