Vanny Tonon: discusses Guinness Fastest Guitar Player and the upcoming Album news

A little video to reply to all the questions about Guinness and future videos.

In 2011 I did the record for fastest guitar player during an italian TV show called "lo show dei record"; i played 2 attempt of the flight of the bumblebee at 340 bpm, the 2 judges ( Luca Colombo, one of the most important italian guitar player and Marco Frigatti, Guinness Judge) took 30 minutes to verify in slow motion (audio/video) the 2 attempts and after that they gave me the record. In 2012 i was the last to enter into the Guinness World Book with 340 Bpm (not 400 bpm or 500, i think that no one can play faster than 350 bpm).

I think i will post only some clips to prove my picking technique and i will stop uploading videos like that, cause i'm working on my solo album and i think music is not a competition or a sport (the competition is only with myself) ! thanks so much for your support !

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