Daniel Weiss, Lior Ozeri, Sharon Petrover: Square To Check - Ground Lift - top notch prog-fusion power trio

Square To Check - Ground Lift
From the new EP "STIR FRY" (more videos coming up)
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Daniel Weiss- guitar
Lior Ozeri - bass
Sharon Petrover - Drums

Recorded and filmed live
November 27th, Live at Mitzlol Studios in Tel Aviv Israel

Production Credits:
Produced by Yoav Efron http://www.yoavefron.net/
Keys and Sequencing - Yoav Efron
Recorded,Engineered and Mixed by David Louria
Assistant Engineer Jonathan Barak
Trippy bubbles effects - Oren Peer
Mastered by Maor Appelbaum at Maor Appelbaum Mastering - California - U.S.A " http://www.maorappelbaum.com
Filmed by Or Paz and Yoav Efron
Video Edit: Lior Ozeri and Daniel Weiss

Special Thanks to:
Ofer Froind,Kobi Farhi,Eyal Amir,Hush Paz,Evgeniy Mamontov,Eilon Peri
and all the cool people we had fun with on this cool journey

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- Square to Check’s new E.P “Stir Fry” is a breath of fresh air that puts musicality and melody before flash and fireworks. Highly recommended! "-progressive music planet

- It goes without saying that this is top-rate stuff needing to break out of the EP world and into a label like MoonJune, perhaps Music For Nations.
imprint purveying intelligence, class, and cool-ass bravado.
Mark S. Tucker (progdawg / FAME / Veritas Vampirus)

Square To Check is a young progfusion power trio presently taking the EP route in the game but supplementing their short discs with videos that tip in in-the-moment dynamism visually augmenting already highly sterling work. The latest such exposition is a look-see for "Spaghetti Champions"an amusing scenario juxtaposing all the fret-and-skinswork shenanigans As you'll see and hear, the combo's metier is upbeat speedy snazzy jazzy fusion most frequently in rock tempo loaded to the high water mark with chops, complexity, and high spirited intensities crossed between scholasticism and trash-the-textbooks explorations. Should readers be familiar with music history over the last half century, and I know a bunch of ya are, you'll hear elements of Minimum Vital, Durutti Column, Isotope, even a little Flash, backchecked Holdsworth, tons of the Euro 70s vanguard, and so on, fingers and drumsticks flying, mucho added keyboards in places, heady fare and then some.

Square To Check - Ground Lift