Drayen Labie: Janek Waltz Studio - fusion performance playthrough

Found on my hard disk this video made with an old digital camcorder. It's my final live take of my original composition Janek Waltz at the Helix Studio. This tune is based on a traditional Caribbean rhythm called ""Mazurka" The title was tracked 100% live with the other musicians.
Gabin Lesieur (keys, piano...), Emeline Fougeray (Bass) , Karl Lairet (Drums). Not the best quality but i wanted to share the document.

The tune is available on my first mini-album (Kissa I Lé - http://www.drayen.com).
Thanks for supporting instrumental music.

Drayen Labie.
You can buy the album here : http://www.drayen.com/guitariste/en/a...

Janek Waltz Studio