Jaroslav Kubíček: Stellar Bay - 4 All the Prophets - instrumental promo video

Jaroslav Kubíček (lead guitar)
Petr Had (bass guitar)
Rostislav Pařenica (drums)
Daniel Richter (rhythm guitar)

This is a "self made" video for our demo track "4 All the Prophets" from rehearsal room we share with guys from Escape From August and TTIOT. Props to them!
This song is for all the people who are not afraid to get on journey to change the world, their live, their happiness... even the others think they are crazy.
Stellar Bay is a new band from Studenka, Czech Republic. Formed in 2015, having in fold the former guitarist and song writer of band Crashpoint, Jaroslav "cub@" Kubicek and Petr Had who, as a bassplayer, had significant sign in Crashpoint's debute album Acid Vitamin (2005, Crystal Productions). Together with talented musicans from metal-core band Escape From August, Rostislav Parenica on drums and Daniel Richer on guitar they formed a project combining an alternative metal/crossover typical for Crashpoint influenced by forms like post-hardcore and progressive-rock. The quartet is just instrumental at the moment but that is subject to change, searching for vocals at the moment.
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http://bandzone.cz/stellarbay...you can download the tracks there with no registration and for FREE.
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Stellar Bay - 4 All the Prophets, video (instrumental demo) 2016