Maru Martinez: Saboteur Playthrough - Original composition

Hi there! so i decided to do a play through of a song i wrote, recorded and mixed over the past weeks. I want to continue writing and practice producing my music so i'm posting this in the hopes that i can get some feedback from you guys and hoping that you'll enjoy it!

Played this on a battered but badass sounding Legator i borrowed from a friend (if you're wondering about the headstock, a guitar amp head accidentally landed on the headstock and split it in half but my friend patched it up) and my new Ibanez S7721.

Decidi subir una cancion original que compuse, grabe y mezcle en las ultimas semanas. Mi meta es seguir componiendo y produciendo musica para seguir mejorando, asi que son bienvenidos los comentarios y criticas! Muchas gracias por mirar :)

Saboteur Playthrough / Original / Maru Martinez