Nili Brosh: Limited Edition Dunlop Pick Tins

Hey everyone!

Just a quick note to let you know that my beautiful, custom-made, limited-edition pick tins are now available for pre-order on my online store! Go to the store

This pick tin includes six picks: three 2-mm Big Stubby picks - the picks I use exclusively - and three 1.5-mm Tortex III's with my signature on one side and a design from "A Matter of Perception" on the other. They come in a beautifully designed little "A Matter of Perception" tin, hence - it's my pick in a box (sung like Justin Timberlake, of course. Where's that smile emoji with the halo above it when you need it?)!

Anyway, as I've mentioned - these are a limited run - a little extra bonus to go with the recent debut of my melody writing contest. There are only 150 of these available, so get yours before they're all gone!