Christian Russo,William Stravato, Michael Angelo Batio: The Guitar Battle for Peace - melodic Italian guitar fest!

1 The Guitar Battle for Peace (feat. William Stravato, Michael Angelo Batio)
2 Malinconote (feat. Michele Ascolese, Mario Rufus Rufini)
3 Simple but Effective (feat. Carlo Fimiani, William Stravato, Michael Angelo Batio, Patrick Abbate)
4 Ouverture (feat. Andrea Marongelli)
5 Eternal Love (feat. Matt Cafissi, Vanny Tonon)
6 Song for Us (feat. Andrea Morucci


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Some sound samples

Simple but effective-feat Carlo Fimiani

simple but effective-feat William Stravato

The guitar battle for peace- feat Michael Angelo Batio