Jason Becker, Leonardo Pavkovic: one of a kind custom Gary Becker painted Kiesel guitar heads to Indonesia

Leonardo MoonJune Pavkovic ·

Taking this guitar - custom painted by Gary Becker, father of the legendary guitarist Jason Becker - to Indonesia, tomorrow. I have a friend of mine over there who really needs some guitars, he doesn't have enough guitars I guess, right John John M. McGuire! Thanks to Chris Hong and Jeff Kiesel from Kiesel (formerly Carvin) guitars and above all thanks to the very great Jason and his parents Pat and Gary. Now this guitar has to be played by maestro Dewa Budjana and very soon. — celebrating life with Mudya Mustamin, Tohpati Ario, Agam Hamzah,Kris Claerhout, Iga Indrawati, Bagus Wijaya Santosa, Adib Hidayat, Jeff Adriano, Aria Baron Suprayogi Full, Scott Jones and Putu Borrawati at Kiesel Guitars Carvin Guitars.