Jess Lewis: Learn To Play: It's Not Me It's You!

*New* Jess Lewis's 'Learn To Play: It's Not Me It's You'!
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Master the soul, grace and creativity of Jess Lewis by learning this outstanding and articulate brand new track, which is also broken down into multiple bite-sized licks! This package is sure to inspire and amaze you!

Every time Jess returns to our studio she really knocks it out of the park. This occasion was no exception, she's blown us away once again! Few players bring a smile to your face as much as watching Jess play and now you can learn her magic one note at a time!

In this pack we've taken Jess's full brand new track titled 'It's Not You It's Me' and dissected it up for you into 13 bite-sized sections, so you learn it piece by piece to create an incredible full track.

Inside you'll be practising hammer ons, slides, vibrato, double stops, chordal ideas, octave playing, bends and lots more! From the theory perspective you'll encounter dorian, blues and minor pentatonic scales, pentatonic substitutions, super-imposed arpeggios and a whole host of other great melodic and harmonic devices!

Each and every lick comes with it's own video file, audio track, slow (isolated) video, slow audio, lick backing track, TAB/notation and text notes to help you really learn the ideas! Once you've got all the licks down you'll find the full video play through, alongside the full backing track so you can jam out Jess's ideas or create your own. The full track also comes with complete TAB/Notation for ease of learning too!

*New* Jess Lewis's Learn To Play: It's Not Me It's You!