Maja Partsch: Forever Still - Melodic shredding

Hey guys and girls! This is what I came up with for the D minor metalcore guitar backing track created by metalguitarstuff.

I wanted to make this more than just a regular noodling jam, so my first step was to compose the solo themes, viewing the backing track as a song - the guitar being the singer. It simply gives you the ability to create less random phrases and more melodic phrases and make the jam interesting for the listener and not only for me ;) On the contrary, starting out by creating the themes still gives me freedom for improvising in "verses" and mixing up the themes a bit as I move along.

instructionals and tips for creating a composed jam are soon to come!

I played this on my Ibanez s, which, as you might notice, have got some battle scars from touring ;D. It's simply plugged into my computer and in logic, I've added amp emulator and effects, using free Poulin amp and tube screamer plugins and free logic reverb. To easily pass the mastering phase, I've just added a predesigned EZ-mix mastering. So, no professional setup, but works great for what it is (free!).

Or check out some of my personal inspirations! - if you're into instrumental guitar stuff, you probably know Plini, Polyphia and David Maxim Mimic (of destiny potato), if not, now is the time!. As well as Jason Becker and marty friedman (former megadeth), these are great inspirations to me.

Feel free to comment and give a thumbs up or thumbs down, if that's what you feel like. There's more to come, so if you like my style, just click follow, and the stuff will keep rolling in for ya ;D

Thank you for watching! Seeya in my next video!

Melodic shredding

If you are stoked to see a female guitarist and enjoy female fronted as well as melodic hard rock/metal, you might find my band forever still enjoyable as well.

Forever Still - Break the Glass