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*Brand New* Major Scale Soloing Masterclass! - JamTrackCentral
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Master the major scale once and for all! This ‘JTC Original’ masterclass will teach you everything you need to know about this essential element of playing guitar. From the very basics to advanced concepts covering the entire neck, this masterclass will teach you how to use the major scale to create some truly incredible licks and guitar lines!

Each pack comes with explanations to help you learn the new ideas and material, then we have some exercises designed to guide you through the new ideas on the neck and help drill the material into your playing. Next up comes the licks which place the concepts into musical phrases and lastly comes a full solo which will cover all of the concepts covered so far, and use them in the context of a 'real world' musical solo.

So what's covered? From the complete basics to the advanced concepts you'll be covering: What is a scale, intervals, target notes over static chords, learning the major scale (and major pentatonic scale) across the entire neck, targeting notes over moving harmony, arpeggios within the major scale and playing in string groups to break out of box shapes. We'll also be covering melodic studies, arpeggio studies, advanced target notes (over faster chord changes), exploring non-diatonic intervals and their character sounds, triads and their inversions, as well as including more advanced concepts like chromatic passing tones and pentatonic substitutions. !

Being able to freely play/think and understand these concepts at both fast and slow speeds is the overall goal of this masterclass. We'll teach you everything you need to know to not only master the major scale, but how to use it creatively to create your own awesome solos!

For a more detailed explanation of the huge collection of material included in this three part series, click the link at the top!

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