Claudio Pietronik: Cinematic Soloing! -

Create Epic Soundtrack Style, Cinematic Solos!

Learn directly from Claudio how to use scales alongside melodic devices to create tension/release, sweeping guitar lines and epic cinematic solos in this soundtrack style masterclass!

Use the masterclass PDF to guide you through the warm up licks to get your fingers moving and introduce the techniques, then the looped licks to practise and perfect the concepts, slow licks to practise 5 key moments from the main solo at a slow and isolated speed and finally a full solo which will combine everything you've learned into one awesome cinematic solo!

If you've ever been interested in how to create those massive 'in your face' epic solos that often feature in cinematic soundtracks, then this blazing trail of creative and provoking guitar lines will teach you all of the techniques, melodic devices and tension building techniques required to create your own epic cinematic solos!

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