Derryl Gabel, Troy Grady: Cracking the Code Back to School Deals!

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Hey guys, I've partnered up with Troy Grady and the Cracking the Code team to bring you an awesome deal on their Masters in Mechanics subscription. Right now, when you subscribe to Masters in Mechanics, you’ll get my Supersonic Sweeping lesson absolutely free!

You’ve probably heard me talk about Masters in Mechanics before. It’s an amazing series that explores the art and science of guitar technique, with advanced technical explorations and interviews with world class players and experts.

The subscription gets you access to an extensive library of seminars, interviews, musical analysis, and video/tab examples — like in-depth material on Yngwie and Eric Johnson’s techniques, interviews with players like Steve Morse and Marty Friedman, and investigations of topics like the “Science of Practice”. And they’re adding new material all the time.

My Supersonic Sweeping course is a solid hour of economy picking ideas, tackling scales, hybrids, triads, arpeggios and more. It shows you how to play a variety of awesome licks, and comes complete with tabs in Guitar Pro, Power Tab, and PDF formats. I think it’s a great complement to Cracking the Code’s lessons, as it goes deep on an important technical topic they haven’t yet covered in much detail.

Cracking the Code Back to School Deals!