John Petrucci: JP-2C Chassis Art First Look - in the Tone Lounge

In September 2014, John Petrucci spent a day at the Mesa factory playing through a wide array of products and rigs for all of us to enjoy. John played through the the Mark Five: 25 for the first time just before it was released. He also brought his Triaxis Touring Rig used on their Along for the Ride Tour to show us some of the tones he used for his live performance.

But the best part of the day for John was seeing the chassis art for his soon-to-be-designed Signature Amp, the JP-2C. Mesa Founder and President, Randall Smith, draws all of his chassis dimensions and details in pencil, by hand, and after months of conversations back and forth between John, Randy and the Mesa R & D team about the features, tones and details, John was finally able to SEE what his future signature amp would look like.

It was a great moment for everyone at Mesa that day and we’re truly grateful to John for being one of the most loyal and dedicated Mesa artists in our history, and essentially his entire career in music. The JP-2C is not only John’s dream amp in terms of features and configuration, it’s also the most accurate tonal re-issue to the famed Mark IIC+ 100W amp we’ve ever offered, designed by the foremost authorities in the world on that amp’s tone & history - John Petrucci, Randall Smith & Doug West.

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JP-2C Chassis Art First Look with John Petrucci in the Tone Lounge