Richard Hallebeek: Good To Go - from my new trio CD due out Q4 2016

Here's another track from my new trio cd that should be out Q4 2016 and this one's called 'Good To Go'. I wrote part of this song back in the day while studying at Musician's Institute in L.A. in 1994 on my little Yamaha QY20 sequencer - funny how sometimes you can put something aside and then suddenly discover the missing pieces of the puzzle almost 20 years later ;-) Niels Voskuil and Frans Vollink were a big help in getting the energy right on this track and really steal the show here! Inspiring playing!

Frans Vollink - bass
Niels Voskuil - drums
Rich - everything else

All guitar sounds produced by the Axe FXII.

Richard Hallebeek - Good To Go