Adrian Weiss: Album 3: 'Criminal Record' Crowd-Funding-Video

Hey, everyone!
First of all a great Thank You to everyone of you who has pre-ordered my upcoming third solo album 'Criminal Record' and supported the crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo!
The campaign is getting close to 40 % of its goal now after the first two and a half weeks which is pretty awesome.

You will receive the album along with anything else you might have ordered on Nov 20, several weeks before official release in Dec. Through your contribution and pre-order you have directly supported me in covering the remaining costs of the album production. So thanks again!

If you haven´t ordered yet, you still have the chance at:

Check out the official campain video placed in this e-Mail to get a first impression of the sound and atmosphere of the new album along with some samples of the other albums I have recorded in the past that I am also offering within the campaign perks!

All the best and thanks again for your interest and support!


Adrian Weiss - Album 3: 'Criminal Record' Crowd-Funding-Video