Andy Timmons: The Timmonator, Granada Theater, Andy Timmons Band Album

If'n you follow my posts or stumble on them, you know the EXTREME regard I have and have had for Andy and Mike.
Trio of songs from the NEW ATB album, that is just punishingly beautiful.
Been seeing these boyz since around 1992, when I relocated to Dallas. They just keep getting better and more interesting.
This is potent stuff, even for my overall beloved TEXAS guitar-slinging :-)

YOU must buy this album and see this band, this is extremely well-crafted MODERN guitar-driven excellence.
If you like Satch & Vai and Eric Johnson, this is approaching another dimension to me, it has several nuances of classic themes woven into many songs, you can hear them, too cool!

And I don't mean to slight the drummer in the least, it was just difficult to take it all in as a debut, he is OUTSTANDING.

The Timmonator, Granada Theater, Andy Timmons Band Album RELEASE 10/1/2016

Andy Timmons Band record release Granada Theater Dallas 2016

Andy Timmons Theme For A Perfect World released TODAY at Granada


01. Ascension
02 Winterland
03. Theme From A Perfect World
04. Sanctuary
05. The Next Voice You Hear
06. Lift Us Up (Something Wicked This Way Comes)
07. That Day Came
08. Firenze
09. Welcome Home
10. On Your Way Sweet Soul