Marco Sfogli: The Wormhole Experience - Perseverance - new album announced

The Wormhole Experience

Valerio Lucantoni ( Drums / Composer / Arranger )
Marco Sfogli ( Guitar )
Feliciano Zacchia ( Keyboards )
Lorenzo Beverati ( Bass )

I'm extremely excited to announce that Cameron Gray is the Artist who designed my cover. A keen Illustration that meets what I had in mind. I don't want explain its meaning, because it's so intimate for me. Just look at it and feel this ethereal love expressed in the artwork. It is so at least for me!!

I would like to thank my dear friend Marco Valentini for his precious work on the whole graphics part of the project.

This project stems from a personal need to find a connection between my rhythmic and harmonic studies. The passion and the need for a continuous intellectual research on this instrument have led me to spontaneously write a Progressive/Fusion/Djent repertoire.

My friendship with Virgil Donati have been a strong stimulus for this project. The Wormhole Experience is based on the aptitude to put the drum as a leader in the field of composition and performance, showing how many complex rhythmic concepts can be a source of inspiration to so many harmonic and melodic solutions, putting everything at the service of the Music.

Virgil Donati is the undisputed pioneer of this aptitude and thanks to a long and arduous research, has elevated this instrument to unimaginable levels, making the drum leader of many musical contexts.
I'll never stop thanking you for this!!!!

Currently, the project engages me in the writing of songs, adapted to provide a record self -produced CD with some important news.