Wes Thrailkill: Deviations by Mammoth

Wes Thrailkill: Deviations by Mammoth https://mammothprog.bandcamp.com/album/deviations

1.Entanglements 08:03
2.Obscurements (ft. Ben Luria)

3.The Hilarity of Singularity

4.The Acclimation of Sedation (ft. Chase Bryant and Mateus Asato)

5.Limited Access to the One


7.Unlimited Access to the None

Guitars - Wes Thrailkill
Bass - Yasutaka Nomura
Drums - Aliyar Kinik
releases October 21, 2016
This collection of sound to us is about finding regularity amongst irregularity, distinguishing harmony in discord, hearing silence filtered in static, and experiencing the cohesiveness that exists within deviations. It is in direct correlation to how our lives has transpired over time: continually deviating from predisposition while still exposing random junctures that begin to materialize as less arbitrary to when they were first encountered.
Strings Tracked by Wes Thrailkill in North Hollywood, CA
Drums Tracked at Big Bad Sound LA in Silver Lake, CA
Drum Recording Engineer - Zachary Riley
Programming and Production - Wes Thrailkill and A.J. Minette
Mixed by A.J. Minette in Hollywood, CA
Mastered by Ermin Hamidovic in Melbourne, Australia
Guest Musicians:
'Obscurements' - Ben Luria (Saxophone)
'The Acclimation of Sedation' - Chase Bryant (Bass Solo 1:50 - 2:22) and Mateus Asato (Guitar Solo 3:02 - 3:34)
Cover Art by Vitaliy Havrylyuk in Funchal, Portugal
CD Designed by Wes Thrailkill
Copyright Mammoth 2016