Jack Fliegler, Nick Pompliano: "The Royal Order" Guitar/Keyboard Dual Playthrough | GEAR GODS

Singularity absolutely shred the shit out of this playthrough for "The Royal Order" from their EP "Void Walker": https://singularityaz.bandcamp.com/

1.The Royal Order 06:37
2.The Refusal 06:51
3.Void Walker 01:25
4.One with the Swarm 06:36

Jack Fliegler - Guitars / Vocals
Adam King - Bass / Vocals
Nathan Bigelow - Drums
Nick Pompliano - Keyboards
released September 2, 2016

Music composed by Jack Fliegler and Nick Pompliano
Lyrics by Jack Fliegler and Adam King
Produced by Ryan Williams
Mixed by Ryan Williams
Mastered by Ryan Williams and Andrew Glover
Album art by Gunnar Larsen
All rights reserved by Singularity 2016

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SINGULARITY - "The Royal Order" Guitar/Keyboard Dual Playthrough | GEAR GODS