Steph Lucarelli: Modern Pentatonics - - French Pentatonic expansion

35 Videos : 15 Licks + 20 Concepts/Examples
PDF Booklets with tech notes / Explanations
Full tab/notation
1 Backing Track
1 Bonus video with complete tab/notation

Download :
With this 'Modern Pentatonics' package I want to give you a new perspective of our good old pentatonic scale. You will find lot of concepts and ideas to go outside the classic, predictable blues sound of the pentatonic scale and modernize your phrasing and create some interesting and sophiticated sounding lines.

I first show you the concepts, some ways to practice them all over the fretboard and finally one or many licks to put each idea in a musical context and get the most out of each of the concepts and ideas presented in this course.

All the licks and ideas are covering and combining a wide range of techniques like alternate picking, hybrid picking, string skipping, 'mini & wide' sweeps, open triads and more !

It's a huge package of 20 video examples plus 15 video licks played at full and slow tempo.
As always it includes PDF booklets with technical notes and explanations, full tab/notation and 1 backing track.
Also included, the bonus video played at the beginning and ending of the preview video (with full tab/notation).

Modern Pentatonics - -