Jack Thammarat: Yamaha SL500S Vintage Guitar - classic tones in a blues setting

Testing Yamaha SL500S Vintage Guitar (Camera Sound)
Some Blues jam after 2 weeks trip. Sorry for the sound quality. I do not have equipment for live here at my studio in Bangkok.

About the left hand camera angle, I am using iPhone front camera and internal microphone. I connected Yamaha SL500S guitar direct to Yamaha THR100HD with on board reverb and Laney 4x12 V30 cabinet.

Please search the backing track names on google. I can not remember where I got them.
Track#1 - 06_SlowMinor9Blues
Track#2 - Modern_Fusion_Blues
Track#3 - MinorBlues_Cm

Jack Thammarat Live Jam - Testing Yamaha SL500S Vintage Guitar (Camera Sound)