Kelly Simonz: Shredding Shimamura Musical Instrument - Hiroshima Parco store

And Shimamura Musical Instruments Hiroshima PARCO store in charge of Nomura-kun asking Don Grosh to play Yngwie! It is! It is the volume of.

I used a Yamaha amplifier, but again this is Marshall! So I changed to CODE, I went gangs with the preset intact sound.
For the first time of the guitar is suddenly full throttle does not can honestly control because the principle that not chosen brush in parallel Kobo nor the scallops in (laughs)

is not clear is the audience that happened to come in without knowing that the seminar (or really, ·) played before the ✨ which signed a rainy day notebook and glasses case and gig bag

Shimamura Musical Instrument Part I tried to defeat at the Hiroshima Parco store ②

Shimamura Musical Instruments Hiroshima Parco Stores Played Part 1

Far Beyond The Sun (Yngwie Malmsteen) covered by Kelly SIMONZ