Frank Gambale: Rig Rundown - Premier Guitar

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We caught up with Frank Gambale while he was on tour with Chick Corea’s Elektric Band in Nashville to talk about how to conjure up a ton of tones with only a few ingredients.

Frank Gambale tours exclusively with a handful of his signature guitars. On the electric side he brings a pair of Carvin FG-1 models (his No. 1 is shown above). Over the years, Gambale has experimented with a variety of tonewoods, but this particular one has a maple body with a maple top. For strings, Gambale prefers D’Addario ProSteel (.009–.042).

Gambale runs his signature DV Mark Multiamp FG. It’s a three-channel affair that can pump out up to 500 watts. The Multiamp also houses any effects Gambale would need during a set.

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Rig Rundown - Frank Gambale