Richard Hallebeek: Recording dvd 'Chord Creativity' for TrueFire (2017 release)

Q1 2017 will see the release of my second instructional dvd for TrueFire called ‘Chord Creativity’. Here’s some footage from my personal cam at the recordings that took place November 7/8/9 2016; On the DVD, I will talk about:

- Hitting Chords
- Chords In Pentatonic
- Chords In Modes
- Chords In Melodic Minor
- Octaves With A 3rd Inside
- Chords In Symmetrical Scales
- Quartal Harmony
- Powerchords
- The Blues
- Drop 2 and Drop 3 Voicings Explained
- Harmonizing A Melody: All Chords With Melody Notes On High E And B Strings

Every subject comes with one or more musical examples and will have a backing for you to play over!
The backing tracks contain tracks played by: Virgil Donati, Randy Brecker, Brett Garsed, Jimmy Johnson, Frans Vollink, Niels Voskuil

Richard Hallebeek - Recording dvd 'Chord Creativity' for TrueFire (2017 release)