NAMM: Aristides Dutch Collection NAMM 2017

NAMM: Aristides Dutch Collection NAMM 2017

In 1995, a team of Dutch scientists, working in collaboration with Technical University Delft, started work on a unique mission: develop a material with perfect acoustic properties. The primary emphasis being on resonance and sustain.

Research began where instruments began: wood. By researching many species of top-quality wood, they were able to identify the differences and similarities of the cell structures. The question arose, “What happens to sound waves in a material at a cellular level?” That question was answered, leading to the creation of the ideal cell structure.

The result of these 15 years is Arium, the perfect tonal material. Combine that with a revolutionary one-piece construction, and the result is an instrument in which sound is able to travel uninhibited in 3 dimensions, for the ultimate performance in resonance, sustain, clarity, and articulation.

Since 2013, Aristides has moved faster than ever. Their 7 string design, the 070, was met with rave reviews, so much so that the body style was appropriated into their now flagship 6 string model, the 060, and later the 080 8-string model.

Even more technical advances have been made towards efficiency in the factory, Richlite is now on all Aristides Guitars (rendering them completely free of wood for ultimate stability and consistency), and even more finishes and other options are offered than ever.

This has all culminated in the release of their multiscale 080S, many successful NAMM outings, and more huge artists joining the Aristides roster.

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