Al Joseph: All Of Creation Album Backings and Laney GH100R Amplifier full demo - monster melody player is back

All Of Creation Album Backings

Al Joseph is back with a bang, dropping his powerful second album! This incredible 10 track album features some of Al's hardest hitting tracks to date. Filled with crushing compositions, technical prowess and emotive melodies, this album will blow you away! Al takes you on an instrumental guitar journey that shows an incredible level of depth, maturity, production quality and song writing ability. He really dug deep for this one and the results speak for themselves; Al means serious business!

Al says 'I'm proud to present to you my 2nd solo record, "All Of Creation!". All Of Creation is a colorful narration of how I've been viewing the world over the last few years. Although it is always essential to live life through hope and optimism, I have also grown by taking time to process the hard times at a more introspective level. This balance has encouraged me grow as a human being and has helped me enjoy my life on a deeper level!

I hope you can hear my joy, my pain, my triumphs, and my adversity through the music. I believe you'll be inspired and will continue to spread the love. Thank you so much for taking the time to listen. I hope this music speaks to you! Cheers, Al.'
JTC artist Marco Sfogli who also plays on the record said 'Al is an exceptional guitar player and this new record is truly a work of art. I love it and I'm sure you will as well.'
We love to give you options here at JTC, so we have three versions available. The album only version which comes with all 10 tracks, the album backings version which comes with just the official backing tracks and TAB/notation and finally the deluxe edition, which comes with the full album, all of the backing tracks and TAB/notation, plus an exclusive video playthrough of the killer new track 'Shogun'!

*NEW* Al Joseph's 'All Of Creation' Deluxe Album!

"AJ Plays Laney" -

Hey Folks,

Today I'll be showing you my personal settings on the Laney GHR Range amps. I've always been a fan of the dual rec and plexi sound and I've finally found something that brings those two tones together!

Stick around and I'll show you just how versatile and aggressive this amp can be for true progressive metal players!

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Al Joseph - Laney Amplification | Laney GH100R Amplifier (Full Demo)