Brennan Dylan: Falling Through Skies final cut - Dedicated to Brennan's Grandfather

Brennan Dylan Falling Through Skies final cut

Last fall I recorded an instrumental 'Walking Through Fire'. The final song 'Falling Through Skies' was written & recorded with WWII aerial combat in mind. I downloaded over 5 hours of public domain WWII combat footage then spent 3 weeks sifting through it to put together a video which fit the music. It is special to me because my grandfather (I never met him) served 2 tours (60 sorties) in a Lancaster Bomber as a tail gunner. That was followed with solo reconnaissance over Germany & France. He was stationed in England for 6 years & came back to Canada with just a scar on his left shin from a bomb that had exploded on an airfield. But his mind was crucified.

Falling Through Skies final cut