Dario Lorina: Death Grip Tribulations

Dario Lorina's new instrumental album DEATH GRIP TRIBULATIONS is out NOW via Shrapnel Records!

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Video shot and edited by Kaster Troy (Level 8 Studios)
Directed by Kaster Troy and Dario Lorina
Special Effects by Justin Reich (The Antimatter Studio)
Filmed with permission at The Neon Museum, Las Vegas, Nevada
Filmed with permission at Cheetahs, Las Vegas, Nevada

Level 8 Studios: http://www.level8studios.com
The Antimatter Studio: http://www.theantimatterstudio.com

Guitar: Dario Lorina
Drums: Daniel DC Conway
Bass: John JD DeServio
Dario Lorina / Shrapnel Records
Dario Lorina - Death Grip Tribulations

Dario Lorina - Death Grip Tribulations [OFFICIAL VIDEO]