Juna Serita, Dr.tmtm: Soramimi - incredible live drum and bass grooves!

March 27, 2016, Shinjuku than one-man live of SORAMIMI that have been made by the ReNY

drum tmtm, based Juna, it is the video of the installation session by instrument Corps three guitar Uni.
In addition to the attractions of one-man live of SORAMIMI also There are a lot! It is plenty not to do only one man!

The next one-man live!
[SORAMIMI one-man LIVE "Step Up !!!"]

■ [Osaka] 9/17 (Sat)
Venue: Shinsaibashi, America Mura CLAPPER

■ [Tokyo] 9/25 (Sun)
Venue: Shibuya TSUTAYA O-WEST

0570-02 -9999
P code: 298-368

Lawson ticket
L code: 76856

certainly on this occasion!

※ Osaka one-man ticket will be booking ask from the official HP.


Vo.YAKA (Jaca)   Https://Twitter.Com/yakamaru_
Gt.UNI (sea urchin)    Https://Twitter.Com/unisoramimi
Ba.Juna (Juna)  Https://Twitter.Com/JunaSerita
Dr.tmtm (tom-tom)  Https://Twitter.Com/tmtmskn

SORAMIMI official HP  Http://Soramimi-band.Com/
official Twitter    Https://Twitter.Com/soramimiband


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