Bruce Bouillet: Presenting the KRUSE ULTRASONIC, a Modern Classic and next generation hand-wired tube amplifier.

Presenting the KRUSE ULTRASONIC, a Modern Classic and next generation hand-wired tube amplifier. Stop by and listen to some
sound clips!

Born from a collaboration between guitar amp designer/modifier Jens Kruse and guitarist/producer Bruce Bouillet, the Ultrasonic is a 100 watt all point-to-point hand-wired design. Featuring two independent channels of pure class A/B power, it also comes with:
1. Kruse Variac variable from 100, 50, 25, 10, and 5watt

2. Overdrive Compression, which allows the user to select hard attack or vintage SAG.

3. 5 switch-able Gain Stages for each channel, allowing Channel 1 to be customized for clean, bluesy break up to fat crunch, and Channel 2 from classic vintage gain to modern high gain, or any where in-between.

4. The Serial Effects Loop is super effects friendly, regardless if in the loop or in front of the amp.

5. Easy access back plate bias adjustment. Easily swap power tubes and keep your amp sounding its best without the hassle of removing the chassis.
After the amp’s initial design, well over one year worth of research and development followed. This included multiple amp shootouts against the titans of the industry, recording with it in the studio, as well as inviting every guitar player we could call to come down and play it and critique.

During this process a new line of speaker cabinets sprung about that fully deliver the vast range of tones the Ultrasonic is capable of.
To streamline this design phase Jens created a complete line of amp/cabinet routers in order to have accurate, on the go, side-by-side tests against other amps, and to test all the cabinet/speaker combinations.
The end result is an amplifier and line of speaker cabs that can deliver the classic tweed, blackfaces and plexi tones all the way to the other side of the spectrum of vicious modern high gain capable of handling the most demanding live or studio situation….all in one amp !
The Kruse Ultrasonic is a Modern Classic in every sense!
Please come visit the website to see the entire Kruse Amplification line, and listen to the sound bites!