Daemoness Guitars: Restoring Virginity

Daemoness Guitars is a custom Metal guitar workshop in Bristol, England. This video log series is about Metal Guitars, Metal luthiery, Metal guitar playing, Metal philosophy, Metal albums and Metal shows. This series is made by Metallers, for Metallers. Everyone here has long hair and wears Jordans. If you are not, and any of the content in this channel offends, challenges or perplexes you - we actually prefer it that way so just walk on by pilgrim.
In this episode I demonstrate how to upgrade an old cheap guitar into a more dependable and versatile instrument. I make these videos as I work using the iphone 6 plus. You are watching real processes. This video is information only - a degree of woodworking experience and tool operating ability is required to replicate the processes I demonstrate. I can accept no responsibility if you attempt anything in this series that is outside your practical reach and damage your guitar.

If there is a question or subject you want answered or addressed in this series, email me at dylan@daemonessguitars.co.uk and I will do my best to answer it in future episodes.